Jupiter String Quartet and Chungliang Al Huang

When it was time to get on the bus to go to Krannert I was kind of dreading it. I was super anxious about going alone and getting there on time and whether or not I would enjoy the show. I think one of the biggest flaws about myself that I am willing to admit is that I am not very open to trying new things. I figure I already know everything I like so why try anything new? Especially since it is for a class and it’s mandatory for school I just automatically assumed it would be boring. I had talks with myself leading up to the day about how I need to be open to it and how I might enjoy it.

When I arrived at Krannert there were so many people there and I was stressed. I’m so bad at recognizing faces so I did not see anyone from my class. I eventually found my seat and sat down, I saw the four chairs in the middle of the stage and I remember being so scared it would be boring just sitting there an listening to them, I figured I would just go and space out as long as I could say I went. But I was so wrong about everything.

During the entire performance, I was so captivated. I remember thinking several times “wow I really can’t believe you thought you were gonna space out”. It was so interesting to see the way the dancing went along with the music. I paid such close attention to the lighting, choice of wardrobe, and positioning of the dancers. I loved how they changed outfits for different songs. It is always so interesting to realize how much detail and work has to go into things like this that a person would not typically think about.

One of my favorite parts of the show was the two dances at the very end. I loved seeing the two men dance together in a non-normative performance. I also loved seeing the quartet get up and dance with the dancers. It was such a nice show of unity and I loved seeing the relationship between the players and dancers.

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