The Tragic Rape of Lucretia

Written By: Quintionna Parks

An Opera worth watching until the very end.

To begin, this opera was really intense. The story began super confusing, but the longer I watched the more everything just clicked. It is definitely an opera that you have to be patient with to really get into it.

My original thoughts about this being an Opera rather than an average play were negative. I never really enjoyed Opera before, maybe because I couldn’t understand what the actors were saying. Although I enjoyed the story, I didn’t necessarily enjoy the singing portion. I think all of the singers did a great job, but I’m not a huge fan of singing while telling a story. It’s distracting to me because I’m paying attention to the singing and the story which can get lost in one another. However, this Opera was easy to follow along with, which made the experience enjoyable.

I do think the ‘subtitles’ that were used, really clarified a lot of the words up. For the most part I knew what was going on, as well as who said what. However, because the subtitles are positioned well about the stage area, it was kind of painful to constantly have to keep my head positioned in a way that I would be able to read as well as watch. Overall, I see the display screen as a bonus, especially involving Opera.

This Opera definitely highlighted some important issues that are going on today. Rape culture is so often looked passed, and I believe that the show definitely portrayed that well. The story of this woman being relentlessly faithful to her husband, and having it all taken from her out of lust and jealously is all too familiar in these times. People, even now, have this idea that they need what others have and they’ll take it when it’s not given, is a sick idea that needs to be eradicated. Often times, things such as rape definitely leads its victims to suicide because they feel like they are to blame. They fell that they did something to attract this person that did this heinous act, which is not true. This show did well to highlight both the attackers point of view as well as the victims, and from what I gathered the victim played no role in causing the attacker to do what he wanted to do. I definitely think the show added some much needed content on the topic such as how her husband said that she was not to blame and all would be forgiven because she did not want this nor deserve it. Sometimes in our society people don’t forgive victims and often times blame them for being a victim.

I think the props used throughout the show were definitely my favorite part. Everything was beautifully thought out, and nothing was simply a ‘prop’. As I looked across the stage everything had its own use/purpose. I really loved the look of the show overall. I definitely recommend this to anyone looked for a good, passion-filled Opera.

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