Tragedy Love

The Good Lucretia

The tale starts from the returning soldiers talking about their wife at home. Some of them leave them in a heartbeat; some of them share another marriage journey with someone else; some of them, or one of them, Lucretia, stay faithful.

Tryon Festival Theater

The Jealous Princess

The opera enters its preview by the introduction of three characters: the wanting princess, the “lucky “Lucretia’s husband, and the lonely soldier drawing in alcohol. With the princess notices the faithfulness of Lucretia, his possessiveness as a man has been intriguing him to get to know her and in the end, to make her his. Unmoral it is, it’s the very essence of human being to want something and go get something.

Interesting gadget for the show

One thing interesting about this show is the gadget above in the picture. At the first sight, I had the illusion that the lady is a DJ to rock the theater… After spending some minutes trying to make sense of the devices, I finally give up…

The guilty Lucretia

It’s not Lucretia’s fault, but she has different impressions. She’s struggling and desperation. Though she finally had the chance the tell her beloved what happened and get his understanding, her guilty sill wanders in her heart. She has no choice but to end her miserable in root-by killing herself.

The Ending Scene

My impression about the stage setting

Wonderful, wonderful, and impeccable! The stage is anything if it’s not about details. The stars in the dark; the ancient desk where the side tellers stand; and the accurate furnitures which should belong to the civilization from thousands years ago.

My impression about the music and vocal

The music is great, but no as fantastic as the vocal. It has no difference for me to watch this show than watch the longstanding opera that has been taped hundreds times before it comes out. Just, fantastic. The vocal is so professional that they convey the emotions and the musical beauty at the same time. If there’s anything that makes this opera even better, is my hope that the caption will be moved closer to the stage so that I will have the chance to understand the lyric and have a look on the stage in the meanwhile.

The Opera

This is the first time that I get “something” out of opera. Before this, I thought all opera as opaque artifact only professionals can truly appreciate. But for this one, I’m not sure if it’s because my maturer age or the easy to understand nature for this opera, I somehow appreciate what the artists are try to say: the evil side of human nature; the faithfulness of the good people; and the fact that we have NOTHING to go against out destiny.

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