A tragic opera

Rui Liu

This Thursday, I watched an opera: the rape of Lucretia at the Tryon Festival Theatre with FAA spring 2019 class.

by Rui. Phonic Control

In my opinion, the operatic song makes the story more vivid. When we read the script or book, we will not have an emotional connection with the players. Besides, the use of song sang by voiceovers and live music performance heighten tragic atmosphere.

The display screen is a little bit distracted, however, without it I might get lost what is happening. 

by Rui.
Outside Tryon Festival theatre

Although this opera is set centuries ago, the strong harming the weak happens all the time even nowadays. There are still women being raped and children losing home in war areas. 

I like the part which is after Lucretia is raped. When the other two women singing and arranging flowers, there was a comparison between their joyful atmosphere and Lucretia’s sorrow, which express the tragedy more vividly and also form a resonance with the audience.

by Rui.


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