The Rape of Lucretia

Darian Moore

Playbill and ticket

When hearing the title  The Rape of Lucretia it is very shocking. The word “rape” obviously comes with a negative connotation. After hearing the title of the opera I obviously did my research. Reading the synopsis of the play was very different than seeing the play itself. Reading the summary it sounded like a power struggle, but watching the opera it was very eye-opening and you get a better view of the message.

Director’s Note

When I first got to the theater and read the playbill the Director’s Note immediately caught my eye. In 2019 conversations about consent are so prevalent. It was interesting to see the author tie the opera to current events and mention the #metoo movement. Being able to see a piece of art that can be relatable to society makes it that much more interesting and makes me more willing to want to watch.

Opera is something that I have never really been in to or experienced. I mean I have seen the Phantom of the Opera but other than that I have zero experience with opera. It is a very unique medium of art. Combining two forms of art, theater and singing, makes it that much more interesting to see the piece. When I hear the word “opera” my mind automatically jumps to singing and it was really fascinating to see the amount of effort that goes into something like this with the costumes, sets, lyrics, and dialogue. 

Part of the set.

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