The No Longer Silence Experience

by Alia Radzi

Renee Conducting

I think it is very interesting to see a whole different kind of art portrayed that I am not familiar with. On many occasions, I take the most notice of visual art, as it is most apparent to appreciate. Only through the last couple of years, have I realized that art, can be expressed through all our senses. Thus, it takes a while for me to adjust, and understand the direction of these “performances”. When Renee Baker spoke in class, it is almost enchanting, as she expressed her work with such eloquence and drive, that when the snippet of her work was shared, you can feel the energy and direction she had. It’s interesting, difficult and seamless at the same time! However, I must admit, despite it all, I don’t think I am ready to start popping popcorn to watch a silent film modified with music as a leisure past time just yet.

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