Who Killed Wellington the Dog?

The tale of a boy looking for answers.

Written by: Leah Siegel

Photo by: Leah Siegel

This week we had the pleasure of seeing The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, a play based on Mark Haddon’s prizewinning novel, by Simon Stephens and directed by one of our amazing professors Dr. Latrelle Bright!

Christopher Boone, a 15-year-old math wizard takes us on his journey as he discovers himself, the truth about his mother, and, as hinted in the title, who murdered the neighbor’s dog. Christopher has Autism Spectrum Disorder, so the way he navigates and approaches life is very unique. Christopher uses numbers to help guide him through life and to help calm him down.

Photo by: Leah Siegel

The play was absolutely phenomenal! Dr. Bright and the actors did such an amazing job! It was unlike any play I had ever seen before. I felt that it was rather abstract. There were only a handful of props used, but they were used over and over again in different ways. Let me explain. The main props used were these large geometric blocks that were always being used in different ways. The blocks were used as seats on the train, but also as luggage and a kitchen. The ensemble themselves were also props. There was a scene where Christopher was trying to get to the train station and there were cars everywhere, which were the ensemble.

Another thing I have never seen in a play before was the use of digital projection backdrops. The backdrops were projected onto a screen. I liked the concept of it, but I felt like the backdrops were distracting. They would trickle in, like puzzle pieces to form the whole backdrop while the actors were performing. I think if the backdrop came in in one piece it would have been better.

Sometimes, when a disability is portrayed in the media, it can be very stereotypical. I thought the play did a very good job of accurately portraying what it is like living with Autism. It is very visible how Christopher’s Autism affects him and those around him. He has difficulty interacting with others, which is seen throughout the play. It was very real and I could really feel how hard things were for Christopher.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience! I am very happy to have had the opportunity to see such a great play!

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