One teenage boy, but a lot of mysteries

By: Stephany Valdez

A play about a teenage boy who is faced with many mysteries to solve.

For this weeks show, our FAA class went to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time directed by our very own instructor, Latrelle Bright! This amazing play is about Christopher, a teenage boy who falls on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, and is faced with a mystery to solve: who murdered his neighbor’s dog?

My ticket along with the brochure for the play.

An important aspect of this play is knowing that Christopher Boone is a teenage boy (15 years) who lives with both Asperger’s and autism. Due to these difficulties, it is very difficult for others to communicate with him due to him becoming distressed easily. What I liked about this play was that they highlighted this. Christopher is seen to have difficulty interacting with others- even his own parents. Furthermore, we were able to see that he has narrowed interests such as math and the galaxy. An additional aspect of his personality is that he is a honest young man who always tells the truth and never a lie.

The setting of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

There were various aspects of this play that were fun to watch! I undoubtedly enjoyed the background and the layout of the stage. The house showed in the picture above would change images to demonstrate the different places that Christopher was in (his room, the train station, his mothers condo, etc). This specific component of the play was particularly unique and essential to the play!

The amazing actors of this play featuring my (obviously) amazing photography skills!

Additionally, I appreciated the actors performance. They all did an amazing job keeping the audience entertained! The jokes through out the play were humorous with how they were presented because none of the jokes were awkward or did not seem fitting. Additionally, the parts where the actors were all together seemed to be like they were a representation of what was happening inside Christopher’s mind.

Overall, this is a play I highly recommend watching. It was entertaining to watch and a representation of what individuals with Asperger’s and autism may experience daily. However, there are some parts that may not be children friendly.

Thanks to Latrelle Bright and the actors for this wonderful play presented at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign!

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