New Way of Seeing

By Claudia Johnson

I had the chance to see the the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

My second experience with a Krannert show was still just as great as I could have imagined. I went into this experience with a very positive mind because of how connected I already felt to the show.

Photo by Claudia Johnson

My professor, Latrelle Bright, is actually the director of this wonderful production. This allowed my class a unique perspective into the show before we even got to see it. I also was very excited to see it because one of my friends, Kate Milleker, was part of the design team that made the cool projections happen.

Photo by Claudia Johnson

I have never seen a show where I know people who worked hard to make it happen. Through what we learned in class and what I saw from Kate, so much went into the design up this show that I definitely appreciated when seeing it. This experience gave me even more of a love for art.

Photo by Claudia Johnson

I had known that the storyline for this show was based off of a book, and I heard it was a great book. The show, however, was so much more than just based off a book. It felt fresh and relevant and important. I was completely swept in the whole entire time.

Photo by Claudia Johnson

I love when art leaves a lasting impression on its viewers and that is exactly what this show did. I haven’t stopped thinking about it and have told all my family and friends about my experience. Being second row also made it so much better because I truly felt involved with the story line. A great experience once again!

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