The Curious Incident

The creative play on a young man’s eventful life and how he molds his perspective about who he is and what he can do.

The Colwell playhouse hosted the play “The Curios Incident Of The Dog At Nighttime”

This play was more than a play. It was an experience. It drags you into the life of an unordinary 15 year old young man from Europe. He is extremely smart, yet, others he encounter in the play would probably say too smart for his own good. However, through his expanding curiosity, the play allows you to be a part of his mind as he goes on a journey to answer his many questions about why life is the way it is.

Oustide of Colwell Playhouse before the play started

There were a lot of people in the lobby ready to attend the play. Once inside of the Colwell Playhouse, the seats were filled within minutes. The play started intensely with the death of a dog. Christopher, the main character, was then determined to find out the murderer. This honest and curious young man became a pest to his neighbors as he went door to door asking people if they had information about the dog’s death. Christopher’s father, and only guardian at the time, did not approve of his son’s activities. Yet, this young man had a burning passion and determination to find the answer to his question and solve his mystery. As he searched for this answer, he would be revealed to other truths that were directly connected to his personal life. Such as why his father would lie about the death of his mother, when in reality, it was an affair that drove them apart.

The beginning scene of the play

As Christopher continues his journey, he finds out his father was the murderer and that his mother is alive. He then decides to runaway and live with his mother. His father soon tracks him down and Christopher witnesses first hand the bad blood between his parents as they get into very vulgar argument. All of the information collected on his journey is mentally stressing for Christopher. It is seen throughout the play how Christopher is affected by the relationship between his parents. As the play comes to an end, this young man looks back on his experiences and realizes that he has accomplished everything he has been setting his mind to and is proud of himself.

This play has been the best play I’ve attended at KCPA so far because there were other elements incorporated in the play such as dance fighting, the use of other actors to portray the thought process of Christopher’s mind, the sketches of Christopher’s surroundings through a projection, etc. It was more than a play. It was an experience that I was able to be a part of up close and in person. I highly recommend it to people who enjoy a touching and comical message about the new generation of kids and how they may think when faced with adversity and a brain full of growing questions.

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