A Dreamy Experience

Our wonderful professor, Latrelle Bright, was the director of this surreal and sublime play that delved deep into the mind of a man who society did not understand.

By Janarth Dheenadhayalan

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time depicts the struggles of a young man seeking the meaning of some math problems, his journey to solve them, and his growth as an individual throughout the story. This performance in the Colwell Playhouse and it was my first time in that theater.

In the Krannert atrium

Just before the performance we were greeted by a Spanish-style live music performance in the atrium. People were dancing and cheering- it was a lovely experience that got me in the mood for the play.

Right before the performance

I was surprised by the size of the theater. For some reason I expected it to be significantly smaller, but the path down was quite long. It gave a sense of grandness that elevated my experience of watching the play.

Prior to the performance, Professor Bright explained that she tried to incorporate mathematics, such as the Fibonacci series, into the play. For example, she used several rhombuses throughout the play as different props to give people the subconscious understanding that this play is about mathematics.

The set

The play started off with Christopher coming to terms with the death of his dog. The play then turned into a murder mystery, where Christopher aimed to figure out who exactly was responsible for the death of his dog. Christopher’s investigation would unearth many uncomfortable truths about his life and his family, such as the affair his father had and what really happened to his mother.

All in all I thought the play was fantastic. I am grateful that I got to see one of Professor Bright’s productions and I would love to see more of her direction.

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