A Father’s Betrayal

By: Darnisha Dunning

On Thursday night, my class went to go see a play entitled “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” at KCPA.

This play had a lot of interesting, and it is a must see. I am going to provide a small summary of the play. The play was based on a boy named Christopher who was trying to find out who killed his neighbor’s dog. Christopher is a disabled person with behavioral difficulties which makes it hard for him to interact with others. However, he might have some behavioral difficulties, but he was courageous in this play. He got out of his comfort zone to explore the murder of a dog. He was told by his father not to look into the murder. Along his search, he found out who killed the dog and another mystery about his mother. He traveled out of town on the search of his mother. He is also knowledgeable and is trying to get into the A list math class. Towards the end of the play he took his math examination and told the audience he would tell us at the end of the play how he solved the math problem. No one was really expecting him to answer it. At the very end as the light darken the cast held hands and bowed. What we didn’t know was that he was going to come back and solve the problem. The entire play was exciting to watch and easy to understand. The acting of the main character was great, and I really enjoy the play and the concept. Also, the play had a great set up with the use of screen projections, floor projections, using all the actors, and play set up. One of my favorite parts of the play was how all the actors were used in the movement when he was thinking.

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