Deep tour of Humanity

The initial scene
the crowd
the way back home

This is a fantastic show and I’m going to interpret it in three perspectives where I’m mostly reached touched.


Christopher is an autism victim. The actor has such a vivid representation of autism victim in the way he walks, talks, and the way he responds to the outside world.

I know some people who might suffer from autism, and I’m not afraid to admit that I had a hard time understanding their pains, “why it’s hard to live like a normal person”. But as years enrich my perspectives towards the world, I finally realized, there’s always something that is hard to some people.

The trauma that the autism brings, and the mistreatment of the people around autism victim, all together level up the suffering of the victim.


It’s hard to say whether mother or father contributed more to Christopher’s life: the one who didn’t have the courage to bring him up and let go of him, while later on did her best to compensate for the past; the one who always did his best but hide the truth from Christopher.

I wish but I’m not still comfortable to share all of my childhood parenting, but what I can say is that, the role of mother and father in the show resonates with my memory.


This show is more than great due to the details incorporated inside everything. The accent, the clothing, the even the advertisement in the airport brings me directly into England, where the story happens.

Moreover, the details about the typical social members makes me WOW like “how do they even notice this kind of details”. The stereotype from the school teacher, the welcome of the old lady, the careless of the “fancy man”, etc. All of them reflect me about what is happening around me.

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