Curious inc​ident​ of the dog

This week, we watched the plot curious incident of the dog in the night time, which tells a story about a 15-year-old boy Christopher Boone. The play started with Christopher’s discovery of a dead dog in his neighbor’s garden and introduced by his self-exploration and growth.

From Youtube with similar stage lightening effect.

As Christopher discovers the fact about the dog’s death, he found out more secrets that his mother is not dead as his father had told him, but living in London and writing to him frequently. He found out the letters hidden in his father’s bedroom and also found out that it was his father who killed the dog. Since then, he started to think that his father is a murder and he can not live with him anymore. Therefore, Christopher started his journey to Londen to find his mom. He met difficulties and finally succeed to get an A star in math A-level.

The lightening effect
By Rui.

The story is interesting and all the actors on that play were awesome. They even use the British accent to imitate the original play which gave me an impressive impression. Besides, the cooperation of lightning effects and sound are great to throw the characters’ mood into sharp relief.

To sum up, this is a great play and the actors really lead the audience to the story. I could not leave my eyes out of the stage. I am really glad to spend the Thursday evening on this play.

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