Paralleling Mind and Reality

By Alia Muhammad Radzi

A play entitled The Curious Incident of The Dog In the Night-time

On Thursday night, the class was given the opportunity to be audience to the first play in the syllabus. What a delightfully engaging play it was, and directed by our very own professor, Dr. Latrelle Bright. Due to the hectic day I had earlier in the day, I was sure that I would end up being asleep for part of the play due to exhaustion. On the contrary, I was so engaged during the performance, where I smiled, laughed, worried and cried with the audience.

Tickets to the Play

The plot of the story is centered less on the dog, despite it being the focus in the title. The dog was used as tool to create an arching theme where the beginning and the end meets. For that, I have only compliments to give to Mark Haddon, writer of the novel who seamlessly illustrated the mind of Christopher, and Simon Stephens by animating the characters into a play.

This is by far the most fun I have had at Krannert this semester, as I am able to appreciate the work and thought that has been put into creating the play. Having the presentation before class created a better understanding of what the play was about, and it prepared me as to what I should be expecting in class. The portrayal of every character in the play was astounding, especially Christopher, who I could not let my eyes off.

A huge component that made of the play great was the ability to project Christopher’s mind. The intermingling between reality and mind was very organic, that it made audience (well at least me), empathize with all the characters. There were so many heartbreaking moments in the play, but I wanted to highlight the poignant moment when Christopher found out about his father’s deception. At that moment, I could feel heat emanating from my body, as I could almost touch his sorrow, but still feel sorry for his father.

Christopher’s Letters from his mother scattered

It was all in all, a great play and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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