Written By: Quintionna Parks

Amazing visuals to match an amazing mind.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time was an amazing play that shed light on what it was like to be on the Spectrum. The most intriguing part of the play was how there were characters/figures that were apart of Christopher’s mind. I loved how they gave us an image outside of the words; this for me created depth in the play as well in the characters. I also loved all of the movement on stage, it never left you with a dull moment. Also, the use of the entire stage was great, every movement and word was quite meaningful. No part pf the play felt thrown together, I could clearly see the effort that was put into the production. I also really loved that there weren’t a ton of props, and how tech was used to help portray setting rather than a lot of unnecessary and distracting pieces. Overall, this play was more than I imagined it to be!

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