Dorrance Dance: PROMPTS

What an electric night! I’m curious about a few things…choose two (2). Of course, you may write a response that has nothing to do with the prompts below. We’re looking forward to your responses. 🙂

  1. As we learned in class on Monday, tap dance is a true American form. Stemming from the denial of the drum, the body became the instrument. Think on all the different sounds (percussive to soft to silence) that you experienced AND how the body movements supported them. Share two moments, riffs, phrases that are still stuck in your head. Describe the sound, the sight, how it made you feel.
  2. How did the use of light and darkness assist in the storytelling in Three to One?
  3. Michelle pays homage to African American forms of dance. The deconstruction of Break Dancing was woven throughout Myelination. How was it communicating, morphing with the tap? What were the differences? Were there similarities?
  4. Of the three pieces, which did you find most compelling and why?


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