The Dorrance Dance

The art of storytelling through the art of tap dancing

By: Jeffery Berry

The theatre that hosted The Dorrance Dance

The Dorrance Dance was a very intriguing and wonderful performance. These dancers did more than simply tap their feet to music. The dancers of this event put an amazing show which was vividly expressed through the loud applause from the audience. This was one of the best and most grooviest tap dance performances to be shown at KCPA.

Before the show

The various amounts of syncopation of movements that aligned with the background music was very amusing and entertaining. The tap dancers were making cadences over the background music and the mics directed towards the floor of the stage helped the audience hear the tappers better. The lights on stage, to me, were the mood of the dance. If the lights were red, the dance was much more serious with sharper movements. There was also dance fighting for the red light. The blue and purple lights were setting the atmosphere for a softer and more elegant routine. It all was amazing to watch.

For the dance “Three to None,” the light and darkness assisted in the storytelling through dance very well. The main dancer seemed as if she was scared and trying to find herself during certain parts of the dance. Those parts were mainly danced in darkness as she would move backwards to the darkest part of the stage, then move forwards to the lighter part. However, when she was dancing with the two black men on stage, she was not as afraid.

The last dance, “Myelination,” payed homage to the African American style of dance called “Break Dancing.” This was shown through the various body spins and footwork close to the floor of the stage during the show. It conjoined with the tap dancing by periodically aligning with the movements of the tap dancers, then breaking away to express break dancing alongside the tap dancers. This was very interesting to see on one big stage.

Out of the three dances, I found the second dance “Three To None” was the most compelling to me. The main dancer started off with two other dancers alongside her. However, when they exited into the darkness, she was then left all alone. Her movements then started to express a sense of worry and self discovery. I felt this dance was very powerful with its choreography and was a wonder to watch. I truly enjoyed this dance the most.

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