Dorrance Dance: A World of Tap Music

By: Stephany Valdez

Dorrance Dance, a magnificent group that refines the world of tap dance.

My ticket and brochure for the Dorrance Dance Performance.

Our FAA class went to see Dorrance Dance at the Tryon Festival Theatre! This amazing tap dance company is based in New York City and is founded by Michelle Dorrance. This group of dancers have performed not only within the United States but also in Canada, Germany, Spain, and other parts of the world!

Waiting for the performance to begin at the Tryon Festival Theatre.

Coming to this performance, I was familiar with tap dance, so I had an idea of what to expect. However, my expectations were far off. This performance presented a new and refreshing representation of tap music.

In this performance, there were three different dances: Jungle Blues, Three to One, and Myelination. For all of these productions, the dancer’s body movements flowed with the music in the background. During the first part of the dance “Jungle Blues” I enjoyed that the background was light, not a lot of things were going on. Additionally, I appreciated that dances were silly when the music was intentionally squeaky. Apart from this, I also liked the Myelination performance when one of the musicians began to sing. The singing blended beautifully within the dance performance!

Out of the three productions, the most compelling to me was the Three to One piece. The beginning was incredibly beautiful. The light focused on the dancers leg movements and how they synced to the sound of what reminded me of the turning of the ballerina box toy. The stage was also phenomenal. The display was dark where the only light was in the center of the stage. I enjoyed when the female dancer would go to the dark side because even though you couldn’t see her, you could hear her dancing.

The performers ending the performance.

Overall, this is a must watch performance! It offers a refreshing view of tap dancing. There are various component of the production that were intriguing to watch. Every aspect of this performance, the music, the dancing, and the singing, blended beautifully with one another. I am glad that I had the opportunity to watch this production at Krannert.

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