This dance reflects me back to the memory 15 years ago when I just entered elementary school. I come from a small city in northern China where I thought the culture exchange with the outside world was not well connected. But I do have seen this kind of dance taught in the school playground. Now I see it again, the feeling of the familiar strucks me.

As for the dance, I have to admit it was boring to me at first because I’m not the fan of sporadic arts which means nothing but one’s current mood.

But later on, it was drastically different in the way that I gradually enjoy it and wish it doesn’t end so fast.

The vocal was magic and fantastic. At first I thought it was soundtrack, but as I see the back scene, wow, real people are doing live performance.

Also the actor’s professionalism. They are trying so hard and succeeds so greatly. My body almost moved with their feet and had to stop myself as I realized I was in theater.

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