Tap Dance

On Thursday March 14, 2019, I went to see a tap dance at the Krannert Center For the Performing Arts.

by: darnisha Dunning

The group that performed was the Dorrance Dance. They performed three dances, Jungle Blues, Three to One, and Myelination. I like how they played to each dancer strengths and had a great performance. I liked the second performance three to one, it was very interesting. I liked how that dancers started off with three people in the spot light. as the dance continue two of the dancer faded off into the distance leaving one dancer. She played the role of being lost with out them and showed in the loving sound of tap dance. Each member of the group danced with so much emotion. they made the audience felt with they where trying to say though movement. this was my first ever tap performance and was interesting to watch.

By: Darnisha
By: Darnisha

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