Tapping the Night Away

by: Alia Muhammad Radzi

The Dorrance dance on Thursday was fantastic, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. My favourite piece of the three, was the Three to One. It was very dramatic and magnetic. I loved the three dancers as they tapped away on stage, moving effortlessly. Although, the two other dancers were not wearing their shoes, I felt it magnified the performance even more. It was empowering to see the piece somehow, maybe partly due to the energy of every move and remained on edge as I wanted to dance along to it too. I did not feel bad about swaying in my seat though, since we were told we could in the beginning of the performance.

I felt the performance was also well thought of. The lighting work was ingenious! I had never seen anything like it. The dancer disappeared and appeared so effectively because of it, and it made it better. To think that we had seen a show there before, it’s just amazing how flexible the stage can be!

The other two performances were so fun too. I just enjoyed witnessing every dancer there having fun performing. I feel that that is part of enjoying a performance. When performers perform passionately, it shows in their work, and the energy is just addictive as it exudes to all. I was having a conversation with a friend from another class, and she said that this performance was her favorite, just because of the aesthetic and energy. I seconded her immediately.

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