WRITTEN BY: Quintionna Parks

It’s not just the dance you enjoy, it’s the emotion they bring into the dance.

Dorrance Dance was an amazing experience. I came into this show unknowing of what it would bring other than tap dancing, and it came with this new found appreciation for the art.

This show featured three different dances: Jungle Blues, Three to One, and Myelination. The first dance (Jungle Blues) was fun to watch but it just was another tap dance in my eyes. I wasn’t really able to connect to it, it didn’t make sense to me. However, I appreciated it because I know they put a lot of work into the piece. Next was ‘Three to One,’ and this was the piece that definitely caught my attention. The darkness of the stage and way she was dancing, wasn’t just dancing. For me I could feel the emotion and power put into the dance. It was amazing, I definitely say up in my seat for this one. Last was ‘Myelination,’ which was also incredible. I thought, just like the other two sets, this would be one dance and then the curtains would close. However, we were met with multiple dances, including solos, partner dances, and group dances. What caught my attention was the fact that a tap dancing show had parts in it that didn’t have tap dancing incorporated in it. I thought that was really cool because even without the tap you could feel their emotions through movements. My all time favorite part of the show was in fact not the dancing at all. It was the music and the singing that one of the band members was doing LIVE! He really brought the show together for me because the band’s music and his voice really brought everything alive and adding that to the dancing really made it a night to remember!

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