Dorrance Dance: A 3 in 1 Tap Show

By Alysia Glover

Flyer for the show

This show was by far my favorite show of the semester. Every part was more interesting than the last. The dancers’ selection of choreography paired with their choice of music made sense in every way. In some points it seemed as if the steps were following the music although the music never overpowered the sound of tapping. In other parts, the tap dancers clearly shined on their own with the music as a background element. 

The first piece, titled Jungle Blues, was a big group piece that exhibited all of the dancers and showed individual talents and personality. It was a very short piece that introduced all of the dancers to the audience. The second piece was titled Three to One and personally, this was my favorite part. I enjoyed how intimate it was; even though I was sitting in the balcony section of the theatre I felt like I was close to the stage. The low lighting helped further this feeling and it really pulled you into the performance. The last performance, Myelination, was the longest section and it was told in stages. The number of people present on stage changed continuously and there was a buildup in both the choreography and the music. I liked that this was placed last because it felt as if the first two parts were getting us ready for this finale. All in all I really enjoyed this show and I would suggest for others to see it as well.

Welcome to the Krannert Center!
Front of the book for the show, with my ticket

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