More than dance

By Claudia Johnson

The first professional tap dance show I have ever seen turned out to be completely different than I had expected.

For my third show at Krannert, I got to see Dorrance Dance perform 3 different pieces. I won’t lie, after the first performance I did not think the rest of the show would be very great. As a dancer myself, I find that I am usually very in tune with what the artist is trying to convey to their audience.

Photo by Claudia Johnson

However, I just could not connect to the first piece. I did not understand the movement or the music or anything. But my mind was absolutely blown by the last two pieces. I could feel the emotion and heart that went into creating both pieces. All of the performers truly gave it their all and it ended up being spectacular.

Photo by Claudia Johnson

I think what I ended up liking most about the whole show was the live music that was performed by members of Dorrance Dance. There was one man that kept jumping back and forth from playing the drums and actually dancing on stage. The whole entire last performance had me entranced and I could feel both the good and bad emotions that came from it.

Photo by Claudia Johnson

I was expecting to hear more of the sounds the dancers made with their tap shoes but I am not upset that it was more than that. The musical performances were amazing and the singer had such a lovely voice. I also think the lighting used was very cool. Rather than typical stage lighting that comes from above, they put lights into the sides of the stage which created a very unique perspective given where the dancers were on stage.

This show was not what I was expecting but it was definitely interesting. They encouraged the audience to dance and hum along but I think everyone was so tied in to what was happening on stage we couldn’t even think of ourselves. It was a great third show!

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