Tap dance by Dorrance dance

by Rui Liu

This week we watched the tap dance performed by Dorrance dance at Krannert. The dancers made exaggerated body movements to illustrate the stories behind the dance and made different sounds by tapping the floor. Tap dance has a long history and there are diverse types now. The show we saw was a mixture. There were different kinds of music like classical music and contemporary jazz and pop. Also, the shoes that the dances wore could make different kinds of sound when tapping the floor.

What is more interesting is that they move the band on the stage. Therefore, the audience can see directly how the band cooperate with the dancers. There were bass, piano, drum set, electric guitars and cello. The drum set was in charge of most of the rhythm part. Cello made low pitch while piano had a wider range. There was even a singer playing with keyboard singing and the dancers will move according to the music. 

To sum up, I learned more about tap dance after this show and I was impressed by the dancers sense of rhythm because the part when all dancers making the same sound at the same time was really great.

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