The San Francisco Symphony

By: Jeffery Berry

The band getting ready to play in Foellinger Great Hall

Tonight’s performance at the Foellinger Great Hall was a musical extravaganza. The San Francisco Symphony was an orchestra that filled up the entire stage inside of Foellinger with wonderful instruments. Such as violinist, bassist, percussionist, and many more.

A picture in the program of the conductor Micheal Tilson Thomas.

The three pieces were all interesting. The flow of the music and its harmony resonated with me the most. As well as the precise dynamics within the musical pieces. It was very amazing to listen to how these different types of instruments came together for such beautiful sound. These instruments were different sizes, different texture, but extremely in-tuned with one another.

My favorite piece of the San Francisco Symphony was the opening piece. It was very strong and abrasive. I felt that the opening piece approached the audience with intent of saying, “We are the San Francisco Symphony and you are witnessing a band at its finest.” I found myself more engaged in the allegro sections of the music because the instruments would sound very unorganized and quickly become syncopated once again. I enjoyed those moments in the pieces very much.

The Ticket and Program for Tonight’s show.

I believe the syncopation of movement from the players in certain sections was very amusing. For example, the violin players were performing the same movements and strokes if they all shared the same musical notes in a measure of the piece. Due to being seated in the balcony, I was able to get a clear view of how the players moved according to what they had to play for the pieces performed. I would definitely recommend this performance for people who enjoy orchestras and well in sync instruments performing classical music.

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