The One and Only San Francisco Symphony

By: Stephany Valdez

“If you’re alive, you have all the experience necessary to understand classical music” – Michael Tilson Thomson, music director of San Francisco Symphony

My ticket and brochure for the performance.

The San Francisco Symphony is an orchestra group that began in San Francisco. Michael Tilson Thomas is the music director of this musical group. They’ve received numerous prestigious awards from all over the world and luckily our FAA 110 class was able to see them live at Foellinger Great Hall at Krannert!

Waiting for the performance to begin.

For Thusday night’s performance, San Francisco Symphony performed three pieces all which were pleasurable to listen to. Out of all the pieces we heard, my favorite was Agnegram, which was created to remember Agnes Albert. I enjoyed Agnegram compared to the other pieces because it was cheery. A lot of individuals associate classical music to the feeling of sadness; however this piece demonstrated the contrary.

Throughout the performance, I appreciated the allegro sections. I enjoyed the upbeat parts because they were more energizing. Agnegram was filled with allegro sections which is a reason I particularly admired the piece! These allegro moments kept me interested in the performance. However, the adaigo sections did feel a bit gloomy. Even though I felt this way, it was interesting to hear how the different notes created a dissimilarity in tone.

San Francisco Symphony rehearsing before the performance.

Throughout the performance, I was astonished by how the performers were perfectly in sync with each other! The music flowed beautifully during the performance, and there was no section that felt unnatural. This was entertaining to see because whether one looked to the left or right of the stage, there was a direct reflection. Every action looked the same, and I could imagine how difficult it is to achieve this with a large group of musicians.

Overall, if you are an individual that is interested in classical music, I recommend buying a ticket to see San Francisco Symphony at your nearest theater! It is an experience you do not want to miss.

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