San Francisco Symphony

A beautiful showcase by a world class symphony orchestra

By: Aditya Kashyap

  1. Although I was unable to stay for the entire performance, I greatly appreciated the works that I was able to see. Agnegram was full of high energy and being able to see the composer conducting his own piece is something that will stay with me. In addition, hearing the Mendelsshon violin feature reminded me of the violin talents we discussed in class, such as Joshua Bell. Alexander Kerr was phenomenal. I would’ve greatly appreciated to hear the entireity of Beethoven’s 3rd symphony, but hopefully I will have another opportunity to do so.
  2. My personal favorite was the first piece, Agnegram. Being able to engage with the modern style and fast pace of the piece was exciting and rewarding. I found myself enjoying the allegro sections and the way that the brass and percussion kept the energy level high.
  3. As a former tuba player, I found myself drawn to the brass section and their amazing ability to play as a single unit. The Symphony clearly had world class musicians and their talents showed. I also enjoyed the percussion of Agnegram and that is something I will remember for a long time.
Ticket and program

Overall, I greatly enjoyed seeing the San Francisco Symphony and I cannot wait for an opportunity to do it again.

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