The San Francisco Symphony At Krannert Center

This past Wednesday, we went to see the San Francisco orchestra. My favorite part of the performance was the ending. I liked when everyone began to get louder and sped up their performance. It had an exciting energy and seemed liked something I would hear in an action movie or a thriller.  

By Alysia Glover

Aside from the sounds and the audio stimuli, I also enjoyed the visual cohesiveness of the symphony. Everyone wore black and white and no one person stood out from the group. There was a unity present and even the conductor didn’t wear anything that would have made him seem more important than the collective.

I don’t believe that I connected with the classical music style of the orchestra as I do to other styles of music. 

Something that stood out to me though was the way the symphony players seemed connected to their instruments. The movements of the players were in sync with the way they played. One could not tell if the movements were a result of the playing or if the playing was a result of the movements. 

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