San Francisco Symphony


This is the first time I go to such a formal performance of a symphony. As I go into the Krannert center, from the crowd I’ve never seen, I realized this is something big as there are so many people coming and excited about what’s happening next.

The crowd

I have to admit that I’m not impressed or even bothered by the beginning of the show. It’s sharp sound coming from the violins. Maybe to the composers, it means something cherry and something innovative, but to someone like me with a classic impression for music, this is a disaster.

As the performance goes on, the sound trend back to classic and finally I got to enjoy a little bit. The use of drum and other non-classic instruments is worth mentioning because they create the sound once I thought only computers can generate. Also, the non-stopping melody also makes me appreciate the skills and dedication of the performers.

As I reflect about this event, or any musical event, what impresses me is always folded as two points:

  1. This is really something magnificent. During some part of this performance, the melody tends to be done among all the violinists where it sounds great.
  2. This is something I’ve never seen before. Maybe it’s a cliche for drums and other fancy instruments to work with violins, but to me it’s the first time. I literately push my body forward when I heard something like that.

In the end, though many of the audiences enjoyed this performance, I have to point out it’s great but not as good as its big name. They are innovative, but not to the point where innovations adds up to the true art.

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