San Francisco Symphony this week

by Rui.

This week, we watched a symphony at the Krannert Center given by San Francisco Symphony, which is famous and has been carried orchestra’s concerts for many years.

I think the concerto part of the concert still is resonating me. The concerto starts with the almost immediate entry of the solo violin, following a bravura of rapidly ascending notes, the opening theme is then restated by the orchestra. The tune for the concerto is basically played by the solo violin and orchestra at the opening and combined in the development section. The tune played by the solo violet was clear and emotional, which also affeted my feelings and left me an impression.

I preferred the allegro part in which the symphony performed the Symphony No.3 in E-flat Major, Op. 55, Eroica composed originally by Beethoven. This piece is considered as the landmark of transition from classical to romantic. Beethoven stretched out to the innovation like harmony, emotional content into this symphony. The first part of Allegro is still typical and exposition is repeated. However, in the development part,  a new theme in E minor is added which is an innovation of exposition. I am impressed by this change.

In my opinion, the most visually attractive part is the cellos. Cello playlists are elegant because their bodies move when they pull off strings. Besides, there is much fewer cello than other instruments so it was easy to find them.


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