Goldberg Variations

Scene at the start

The violin plays real good. Though I hate to be critical in arts, I have to emphasize once more how I dislike the San Francisco Symphony performance in the last week. Even a small team like this can make much more enjoyable music than San Francisco Symphony does.

The Cafe

At the first, I was immediately attracted by the nice violin sound which is quite smooth and calming. The guy in a green shirt begins to do random dance along with the violin and it is amusing in the way that people may (or may not) do that in their own home.


As the show goes on, the violin sounds less formal and becomes more creative in the way that the “dance” can actually match with the violins (or the violin can match with the dance).

The attire goes wild in an instant. Actors start to take off their shirts and pants, wandering around the stage in unusual moves. Personally, I’m not a fan of sporadic acts and I expect to see something structured to make me enjoyed, like the violin.

Yes, you may noticed I mention violin all the time! I played violin when I was a kid and that portion of training turns me on every time I hear strings.

All in all, the strings sound great and I was enjoying that during the show, but I’m just cannot make sense of the “dance” part. I guess I have nothing to do otherwise but I’m very open to suggestions about how to appreciate sporadic arts.

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