An Oddity to the World of Dance and Music

By: Stephany Valdez

An eccentric group of individuals with an extraordinary and memorable performance.

Ticket and brochure to the performance

Andersson Dance and Scottish Ensemble is a group that was founded by
Örjan Andersson and Jonathan Morton. Andersson’s Anderson Dance company is based in Sweden, and they have performed with various other companies to bring a refreshingly new perspective to dance. Morton serves as the director of Scottish Ensemble based in Scotland. They have performed in various parts of the world such as the United States, Brazil, China, etc.

Stage where Andersson Dance and Scottish Ensemble performed.

Throughout this class, we have seen various performances involving classical music. All these shows felt like your typical classical music performance where individuals are playing their instruments and the show is done. However, Andersson Dance and Scottish Ensemble brought a new approach to classical music and dance last night!

This performance was unlike any other show I have seen before. When the violinist began to play the violin, everything seemed normal until a dancer began to shake at a different rhythm than what was being played. Then, a few minutes later, the other dancers began to dance all over the place, and towards the end of the first act, the violinists joined in. Throughout this first act, I was perplexed as to what was going on because there was a lot happening. However, this act emphasized that this an eccentric group where there is no expectations of what to expect.

Waiting for the audience at the Colwell Playhouse.

I particularly enjoyed that there were humorous parts within the performance. The audience seemed to be engaged with what was being presented, and individuals laughed when something was funny. There were some parts that threw me off, especially when three individuals did not have any pants on. This is an perfect exemplar of the uniqueness of this group. Although the music and the dances did no necessarily fit with each other during some sections of the performance, without the music, this performance would have been extremely awkward. There were some points where no music was present, and it felt quite uncomfortable to watch.

Overall, this group shows a refreshing way to think about classical music and dance. I recommend watching this group because you will be in for a great surprise!

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