A Shaking Classical Music Experience

Written by Lesly Marroquin

A night with fun, chaos, and depth that redefines dancing.

Coming into the performance hall Tuesday night was exciting and tame. I personally came into the performance with not many expectations. I expected some interpretive dancing and tame classical music from Andersson Dance and Scottish Ensemble. I was pleasantly surpised and had an amazing time watching the show.

One of the first things I noticed for this show was the selective choice of color. The musicians were all dressed in white and gray, while the dancers had either red, pink, blue, or green. This was a beautiful contrast and made it more interesting as they added certain items for each variation of the performance. I enjoyed the props and color, it added to my interpreted meaning of every variation. For me, the pieces and colors pulled me towards feeling a specific mood and reminded me of certain places.

I do not know much about music, especially with string instruments but I can say I enjoyed all the pieces that were played. They seemed passionate and all the musicians were visibly having fun. This made me personally enjoy the music much more.

I loved the dancing, and I felt that there was an excellent amount of variation to it. I saw actually pointed toes and beautiful form to just someone shaking to the music, with no inhibitions. Having the musicians dance in certain parts made the performance seem more approachable. I thought to myself a lot, I can go up there and also have fun! It set up such a positive mood in the room, having many participants in the audience laugh. Even with darker and sadder themed dances, the overall mood in the performance hall was elation and wonder.

I really loved this show and appreciated all the minor details within it. It was a performance that felt approachable, not strictly fine art, and open to all reactions. This is something I will find memorable from this semester.

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