Playful Merriment Dances

by Alia Muhammad Radzi

Booklet of the Performance

Who would have thought that watching a dance show could bring out so much laughs! The show encompasses of Andersson Dance and the Scottish Ensemble. The layout of the show is something that I have not seen before. Similarly to the first performance we saw, which was the Jupiter Spring Quartet, it was a combination of elements that are not usually strung together. However, I thoroughly enjoyed this performance as opposed to the Spring Quartet which was more on the grey area.

 In total, there were thirty variations. Some I could not distinguish from others, and some were just over the top different. I think the first variation started off the performance to the tone they were trying to establish. Having both dancers and musicians dress informally made the performance more light and accessible. As said in the prompt, the performance started even before audiences were seated. It’s such details that create that informality environment too. 

Performers “checking” some props

I think part of what made the whole performance work is that while these dancers were dancing so gracefully, they were doing movements which are so different that what traditionally is considered as a dance movement. For instance, there was one time when one of the dancers stood behind a boxed fan as she air dries her hair. That cracks me out, because its such a peculiar movement to consider as dance! I just loved it.

One thing that we missed out is the layout of the stage. Sitting really close to the stage this time around, made us miss out on seeing the props on the floor. That said, I still thoroughly enjoyed the close proximity I had to the stage. I was able to observe playful expressions, reticent movements from the musicians and the fun the dancers were having performing.

Finally, the direct interaction that performers have by addressing the audience to the quirky use of their props, were all in play towards the “playful” tone. During the performance, I could make up the movements made and relate it to situations I experience. It was relatable, funny and witty almost. More than once, did audiences laugh together in merriment and its just a pleasant feeling.

The stage from a far

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