Andersson Dance and Scottish Ensemble Brings Dance to Theatre

Örjan Andersson (Andersson Dance) and Jonathan Morton (Scottish Ensemble) bring a contemporary interpretation of Bach’s Goldberg Variations to the Colwell Playhouse stage

By: Aditya Kashyap

I was surprised just by walking into this performance because the actors were still arranging the set as the audience was coming in. I was intrigued by this decision as most performers do not appear until the very beginning of a performance. It appeared to me to be setting the scene for the motif of variations that were to be performed, because the dancers were constantly moving and shifting the stage design.

After the performance, my reaction was negative. I felt that the juxtaposition between classical music and abstract dance was not seamless and felt clunky and awkward. However, I can appreciate the creativity and unique ideas brought on by Andersson Dance, as they interpreted the music through dance in novel ways.

Because of this novelty however, I had trouble formulating a plot or storyline on which I could focus my attention. This also made it difficult for me to understand the decisions behind the colors, props, stage design, and arrangements of players.

By incorporating the musicians in the dance, it helped bring the unity of music and dance into a single experience. By keeping the performance playful, through non-conventional and quirky dance motifs, this performance is one that will stay with me for quite some time.

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