Krannert Uncorked w/ Ryan Byfield and Nuclei

Stage 5 invites Ryan Byfield and Nuclei for reggae, soca, jazz, ska, R&B, neo-soul, and more.

By: Aditya Kashyap

After being unable to attend Dorrance Dance, I decided to see what Krannert Uncorked would be like instead. The event itself is designed to feature the Stage 5 bar, collect items for donations, and showcase artists. The group featured consists of Ryan Byfield on vocals and keyboard, Mitchell Killough on bass, Justin Simmons on drums, and Pete Shungu on trumpet.

I was very impressed with the group, combining jazz, soul, and hip-hop with other genres full of rhythm and energy. In addition, Ryan’s vocals were crisp and clean, which I greatly appreciated. The show had lots of variety and interesting song choices and I hope to be able to see music like this in the future.

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