Weird and Interesting

The dance, music and costumes were intriguing and mind boggling.

The Boneyard Arts Festival: Colab Dance, Music, and Costume Performance, was really different from anything that I had seen before. To begin, it was inside of Krannert Center, but not in a theatre, just on the steps outside of Foellinger Great Hall. This was interesting because they made use of the entire space (as seen in the photos above). Also there was live music, and the performers would often move to the music, but not in a rhythmic manner. The entire performance was really abstract to me because there was movement but not my type of dancing. Everyone was moving to their own beat. Sometimes the music would stop and everyone just stood still or moved in unison up and down the stairs. Other times there wasn’t an instrument involved and one of the performers would use vocal chanting to add sound. I personally wouldn’t go again, simply because it wasn’t my cup of tea. However, I could tell there was a lot of hard work put into the performance and I really appreciate it. It was good to see a different type of performance on campus.

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