Andersson Dance

This week we saw Andersson dance which is an alternating constellation of artists and was founded in 1996. Andersson Dance combined live performance with dancing, with rearranging stage spaces and movements of composers and dancers, which in my opinion, is an interesting way to performance arts.

By Rui

During the 70 min dance, the performers kept moving the objects on stage. In the beginning, even the cello playlist move with the dancers to form a kind of chaos to express movements, which is rare to see in other shows.

musicians and dancers

Besides, the music performed was all classical music, which we always hear in symphonies. However, in Andersson dance, they use classical music to perform modern dance. The dancers danced as the pace of the music and stretch their bodies or make sounds.

They also use different colors to express the motion of music. For example, the outfit of the performers and the background light color changed from dark color to light color when the pace of music changed from slow to fast.

I think the part that musicians to put their instruments down and “dance” is really a highlight of this show. This is something audience probably never saw begore in other kinds of perfornamce. So when I saw it, I was impressed and I kept wondering how the musicans did that.

After the show.

I think in this show, everyone is leisurely and comfortable no matter the performers or audiences. For example, the musicians move with the dancers continuously. Moreover, the movements of dancers are more like a kind of exercises instead of performing art, some of which is funny and interesting. Besides, the performers on the stage kept talking to the audience to explain what they are expressing, which makes this performance more leisurely. That is why I think this performance is playful.

playful performance. From

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