A Feminist Fantasia

By: Stephany Valdez

A magnificent play about powerful women who have come together, in an alternate universe, to create their own story.

Brochure and stage of Because I Am Your Queen.

Because I Am Your Queen is a play that’s based on the modern world. Six ladies, all who are quite well known, are at a spa and attempting to justify against the stories that have been written for them. Throughout the play, these women, such as Hermione (from Shakespeare), Queen Elizabeth, Mary Stuart, Medea, etc., share their stories of the rumors that have been said of them, of their sovereignty, their virginity, and other topics that have affected them.

Tickets for the play!

When I read the description of this play, I was excited to go and watch it, so my friend and I decided to buy tickets! This play seemed to be humorous and different from the shows that I’ve seen in FAA, which mostly involve classical music and very few plays. I wanted to experience something unrelated to what our class has been watching, so I decided to buy myself a ticket to watch this play. An important thing to note is that this play was in the Studio Theater, a theater that our class has not seen a play in!

Throughout the performance, there were various comical lines that the audience kept laughing to. Of course, there were some references that I was unable to comprehend, but regardless of this, it was still great to see that the play was well written for individuals who have familiarity with these women’s backgrounds. I particularly enjoyed the scenery of the stage. The setting was at a spa, which created a feeling of relaxation. Furthermore, the way the space was utilized was amazing! The seating was close to the actual stage itself, and it was great to see that the actors would stand close to and face the audience when saying their lines.

Stage set up as a spa!

Overall, I would recommend watching this play! It provides something different from what I have seen before, and it was funny, something that I appreciate. This play is great for individuals who are familiar with these women because you’ll understand the references far better than I did! However, keep in mind that this play does contain mature content and would not be a great idea to watch with children.

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