An Afternoon Full of Queens

An inspiring performance about feminism.

Written by: Leah Siegel

The Queens
Where the play took place

This weekend was Mom’s weekend at school and what better way to spend time with my lovely mom than to go see a play. We decided to go see Because I Am Your Queen at the Studio Theatre at Krannert by Mina Samuels and directed by Barbara Pitts McAdams.

This was the first time I was in the studio theatre. The studio theatre is literally a black box with changeable seating. It is a very up close and intimate setting, which I think worked very well for this play. Everyone was able to see the actors and their facial expressions really well.

The play consisted of real and fictional powerful women who are staying at a spa in an unknown place ran by feminist cosmetologists. The play follows these queens as they analyze their lives and the factors that impacted the decisions they made.

Once they understood the forces that affected their decisions, they started a process of liberation, of forgiveness, of change that would allow them to modify the final outcomes.

The setting of the play

Before the performance, I didn’t read too much about the play, which in hindsight I probably should have. It took a while for me to really understand the play and I found it hard to follow due to my lack of knowledge about the queens in the play. But I got the overall message of the play – sisterhood, empowerment, and forgiveness.

It was a really interesting, funny, and well put together play. The actresses were phenomenal. They did such a good job conveying the struggles that women go through.

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