Science meets art

By Claudia Johnson

A night I never thought I would experience

Photo by Claudia Johnson

While most of the shows I have attended have been at the Krannert center, this one was completely different. This event was held at the Beckman institute and was part of the facilities 30th anniversary celebration. The event was called Quantum Rhapsodies and included elements of physics as well as music from a string quartet.

From the moment I entered the building I knew this show was going to be very different than my prior performance experience. There was an hour long reception to eat food and drink wine and everyone was very dressed up. I have always tried my best to look nicer for Krannert shows but this was next level dressed up.

Photo by Claudia Johnson

The show itself was a combination of music with narration. I have never considered how science can come together with art and this performance was exactly that. I have already seen Jupiter String Quartet in a past show, so it was nice to get to see them again. It was also cool to see another show that Professor Bright was involved in.

Photo by Claudia Johnson

I do not think the show resonated with me as much but I think that is because of the venue. I felt very out of place at this event and struggled to find my place. I feel like a large portion of the audience were people who surround themselves with science more often than art which made it even more interesting. It is always great to try something new!

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