Quantum Rhapsodies

By Annabelle Emuze

“Compared with the gigantic aims of science, [our] own contribution, no matter how important, is only a drop in the ocean of truth.” This quote by Louis de Broglie was shown on one of the many bright images displayed during Quantum Rhapsodies, an event that aimed to explore the role of Quantum Physics in our universe.

This amazing event found a way to bring together physics, music, and narration held at the Beckman Institute. As someone who has always been mesmerized by our universe and all of the possibilities it holds, this event was extremely exciting to watch. The pairing of the beautiful melodies played by the Jupiter String Quartet paired with narration by Latrelle Bright are what gave life to the images being shown on screen.

While watching this altogether I found myself having a lot of questions, which I’m sure is pretty normal for anyone staring at images of the milky way, or of a colorful supernova after a star’s death. The main question that came to my mind is how anyone can look at those images and think that anything other than God is what created it.

I have a lot of respect for scientists, physicists, mathematicians, and any other profession that has the type of skill that made those images possible, that make those calculations possible, and that make going to space possible. However, due to my faith as a believer, I find myself very frustrated when discussions about the Big Bang Theory arise. This idea that things just were rather than created never sits well with me.

As I stated above, I have always been so mesmerized by the universe. I love the fact that this Earth we walk upon is not it, that there’s more. I love that we don’t have all the answers, and that there are people who are work religiously to have at least some. I love that there has been man on the Moon. I love that no matter how much you discover, there is so much more to know. I love that humans have the ability to be so knowledgeable as to create something so beautifully complicated as quantum physics. But, as Louis de Broglie said, our own contributions, no matter how important, are only a drop in the ocean of truth.

Quote by Louis de Broglie

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