Jupiter String Quartet: ‘Alice in Quantumland’ at Beckman Institute

By: Nancy Ibarra Medrano

The tall ceilings of the Beckman atrium made sure there was room to spare in the lively performance space make-shifted for Jupiter String Quartet. The echos that reached the sixth floor muffled the voices of the introduction, but the touch of the strings still fulfilled the message quite completely.

Jupiter String Quartet from above

The performance was a modest escape from the dull nature of routine responsibilities in the days of the viewers watching, especially for those that were students in the audience like myself. Though I arrived a little late with my two roommates, I still feel as though the measure of the visuals could only enhance my enjoyment so much. In my opinion, I believed the musicians were still the best subject to follow and analyze. For me, there’s something about how an instrumentalist gets carried away with the notes and transports themselves into a narrow view of the music and the music alone.

Jupiter String Quartet from the side

The hour was spent circling back to the drinks and snacks and then scurrying for the best vantage point since all the seats were taken. An hour of life curated by the moving sounds of the quartet was just what I needed on a sunny Wednesday evening. The audience was surely captivated by the visuals and enamor surrounded by this seemingly impromptu, but swank environment.

Alejandro Reyes-Lopez looking at me

I enjoyed the open nature of the performance and even more so the accompanied poetry renditions presented by Professor Bright. It was great to learn more through this particular experience of the arts perspective on the University of Illinois’ campus.

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