Saxophonist: Wilson Poffenberger

By: Jeffery Berry

The Lead act of Today’s Performance

Today’s performance was very soothing and peaceful. It was a good way to celebrate Krannert’s 50th anniversary. It was amazing to see and listen to the piano and saxophonist play together. The dynamics and pace of the songs were composed with great difficulty, but the preparedness of these performers made it seem extremely easy.

Before The Performance

Today’s performance took place in the Foellinger Great Hall. I was shocked to see some of the audience sitting on stage. There was a brief introduction on Krannert’s 50th anniversary, and moments later, the pianist and saxophonist emerged on stage and began playing their pieces. There was silence between transitions of the pieces, but I believe this served as deep engagement in the art of the music being played. The cohesiveness of the two musicians was very entertaining. I enjoyed myself and the performances upon today.

Ticket And Program Of Today’s Event

I would not change anything about today’s performance. It was very relaxing to hear what sounded like perfection. The dynamics and musical patterns that were displayed today were very good. I would definitely recommend this event for people who enjoy classical music, specifically music that includes the piano and saxophone. I look forward to the next event at Krannert. Happy 50th anniversary to the place that brings ordinary people together for extraordinary art.

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