Celebrating Debuting Musicians

Written by Lesly Marroquin

On Sunday, Krannert Performing Art Center had an event as part of their
50th-Anniversary Celebration. This event debuted a student from the school of Music student, Wilson Poffenberger. He was selected for this recital performance through an audition. All the pieces were accompanied by pianist Casey Gene Dierlam.

This was an event similar to other music performances, but it was also unlike the classical shows. The saxophone is a fun instrument that makes someone feel tense to whimsical.

Poffenberger played several pieces that demonstrated the range of the instrument, playing pieces that could be in a dramatic movie to pieces that sounded fitting within a studio Ghibli movie. I liked how he played wide range of genres and they were all enjoyable.

I find it interesting that is an annual event the Krannert Center has, and I find this to be commendable. The debut of a musician a part of the community is significant, and I think it is meaningful for the community to support their music and performance. This can be a motivation for students since it is a selective opportunity, and it will aid in them their musical journies.

Overall, this was a great event to bring together students, UIUC staff, and other members of the Champaign Urbana community. It was really fun and enjoyably for a Sunday afternoon.

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