Merry Celebratory at Krannert

by Alia Muhammad Radzi

Ticket to the Performance

The 50th Anniversary Krannert Center Performing Arts Celebration was done with tranquil and serene music. This event was led by Wilson Poffenberger, a student from the school of music who was selected based on his skills during recital auditions. I don’t think I have ever seen a performance where at the center of it was a saxophone player.

Layout of the Stage

The performance was conducted at the Foellinger Great Hall, where the good acoustics of the hall was demonstrated when the host of the day opened the show without using a microphone. I was rather surprised to find out that the Krannert Center celebrates this event annually! I was at the impression that the 50th year was a mistletoe; thus the grand celebrations they have. The layout of the stage was set, such that there was a salon where refreshments was served and the performance was done slightly towards the back of the stage.

Performance Conducted on stage

I genuinely felt that both the accompaniment and the saxophone player delivered their pieces very well. One thing that was different for me to see was that the pianist had someone with her to turn the pages. It made me wonder if that is usually the case when someone becomes a professional accompaniment as they would require to know many pieces. All in all, it was very smooth, and it reminded me of the soundtrack on Studio Ghibli movies. Therefore, it was rather a warm feeling to be able to associate a live music played with something that I adore very much.  

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