A Cold Sunday Afternoon

By Claudia Johnson

A celebration in part with Krannert’s 50th year anniversary was the perfect way to spend a gloomy Sunday afternoon.

Photo by Claudia Johnson

The Krannert center for the performing arts has been open for 50 years this year. Because of this, many shows have been organized in order to celebrate their 50 years. Todays performance was a Debut artists performance to close out the weekends celebrations.

Photo by Claudia Johnson

This debut artists was Wilson Poffenberger, a saxophonist and a student in the college of music. He was accompanied by a pianist, Casey Gene Dierlam. I had never heard a saxophone in this setting before so it was a completely new experience.

Photo by Claudia Johnson

The music was amazing and ended up being even better than I could have expected. I felt like I was in a movie, directly listening to them recording the soundtracks. In my head I kept wondering how the musicians came to play together so well. Everything they did sounded perfect, I saw no mistakes. It is amazing that someone who is still a student can sound that great. I would think that anyone who saw that performance can tell you that the saxophone player has a very bright future ahead of him.

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