The Unveiling of New Talent at the Krannert Center

Banner at Krannert celebrating its 50 year anniversary

Today‚Äôs performance was another example of how being in FAA 110 has expanded my mind creatively. This show was not something that I would have attended on my own. Everything centered around one musician playing a small array of instruments. I think it was different from what I am used to listening to seeing that I do not usually listen to instrumentation on its own. I think my favorite part was the ending of the first half. He played very short and very different pieces for the audience. All of them were different in some way, whether it be speed, loudness or the overall feeling it evoked in the audience. While I do not think seeing this performance has influenced me to go and expand my music catalog to include more instrumental music, I did fairly enjoy it.  The new artist featured was also the same person who played for the last performance I attended. The two music styles featured were very different.

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